Lemon Black/Yellow (Dry Nimbo): Black lemons are a popular ingredient in Persian cooking as well as some Arabic regions, especially Kuwait and Iraq. Contrary to popular belief, black lemons are not lemons at all - they are actually limes! Black lemons are called loomi in the Middle East. In the store they are sold under the name of black lemon, dried limes, and in gourmet or ethnic grocers, as loomi. You can also buy it in ground form.If you have ever seen a black lemon, you know that they look unappealing to say the least. They are small and can range from a brownish-gray color to black. They are made by boiling fresh limes and left to sun dry. The result is a tangy, earthy flavor that is unique and delicious!
Lemon Yellow: The lemon tree is one of the oldest cultivated fruit plants originated from India. Today, lemon trees grow in subtropical climates all over the world, especially in Florida and the Mediterranean. Though the fruit and its juice have a sour taste to it, lemon is actually a fantastic buffer in the body and can reduce hyperacidity in the stomach. Lemon juice and peels have an antiseptic effect and the leaves of the tree are used to reduce fever. In addition, lemons are rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and acting as an antioxant, protects cells from radical damage. Lemons as a therapeutic usage helps anti-inflammatory action. It helps the body cleanse itself by promoting perspiration and acting as a natural diuretic. Lemons also stimulate the appetitie, aids digestion, strengthens body defense system, relieves cramps and also dilates the blood vessels in the skin.Lemons are known for useful remedies for gout, urine retention, athritis, vitamin C deficiency, inflammation of the mouth and throat, hoarseness, digestive disorders, asthma, nervousness, insomnia, heart palpitations and helps the system with diseases of the stomach, liver and intestines.
Long Pepper: Pepper long is used as a spice. It is also used in pickles and preserves. Pepper long has carminative, haematinic and anti-helmintic properties and most commonly used to treat respiratory infections such as stomachache, bronchitis and diseases of the spleen, tumors, cough and asthma. Today, long pepper is a rare ingredient in European cuisines, but it can still be found in some North African spice mixtures, Indian vegetable pickles, and in Indonesian and Malaysian cooking. 



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