Linear Rocker Bearing;



There are three types of Linear Rocker Bearings: fixed, guided-sliding and free-sliding Linear Rocker Bearings.




The invention concerns a rocker bearing comprising a pair of bearing members, disposed between construction parts, and an elastic pressure cushion between the bearing members and for operation at large bearing rocking angles with improved flexibility of the pressure cushion there are provided one or more groups of sealing bodies at least in part embedded in the pressure cushion, each group containing bodies disposed at intervals in the region of an annular gap between the pair of bearing members.





Field of Application;



Linear Rocker Bearing is used, where, due to limited space (e.g. narrow piers), the use of pot bearings is impossible as well as where no rotations in transversal direction will occur.



Bearings can transmit vertical and horizontal forces. Because of the dished tilting plate, they can also take up load deflection of the bridge beams but only at right angle to the line of tilt. No rotation or deflection may arise transversely to the longitudinal bridge axis, i.e. parallel to the line of tilt, as the force transfer is then reduced from a line to a point.




Thus, these bearings are only utilized if the transverse stiffness of the bridge is so large that no noticeable twist or transverse inclination of the structure can occur.

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