Basic Highway & Motorway Products:
 At Highway & Motorway Safety Supply, our staff is serious about providing superior service to each and every one of our clients. Whether you are a long-time customer or yours is a first-time inquiry, you will experience a friendly atmosphere from a team capable of satisfying all of your highway safety needs. Meet the talented individuals who make it possible to provide you with the highest level of service.
Anti-Glare Screen;
Rainbow Developers Anti-Glare Screen Systems protect the vehicle driver extensively against glare emanating from light sources and therefore make a signi­ficant contribution to the safety of the drivers. The particular criteria for using anti-glare screen systems are frequent accidents during darkness, heavy traffic at night and unfavourable topographical condi­tions where separate directions are indicated by central strips on the road. Our anti-glare screen systems are also usage for Super Highway, Motor way, National Highway and high-speed railway tracks running parallel to each other.

Delineator posts;

A wide variety of delineators for use in temporary and permanent traffic safety applications, which are an excellent choice to channelize traffic through work zones, gore areas, on-ramps and off-ramps, parking lots, and other similar situations. Be sure to look through snaps to see all the delineators we manufacture.

Guardrail Reflectors;

Provides exceptional visibility on roadways where vision is restricted by hills, vegetation, curves, or snow.
Produced using specially formulated high impact polymer that provides exceptional flexibility, increaing impact resistance.
Raised edge along its length provides increased strength and durability.
Molded holes are provided for ease of installation.

Traffic Signs & Articles


Our range starts from Parking Signs, Regulatory Signs, Construction Signs, Custom Signs, Warning Signs, Street Signs, School Signs and to Hardware & Posts

Solar Traffic Signs & Street Lights;

Rainbow Enterprises the most advanced solar powered road signs in the market. Featuring Ultra-bright LED light technology, creates high visibility at great distances both day and night.
Combined with all-weather durable casing, and slim-form engineering the Rainbow Solor signs are in a class of their own.Our Solar signs are customizable to local standards and can come in any variety of designs and configurations.

Weigh Station Scale;

Enforcement of truck axle load limit. Axle load limit enforcement extends pavement life of the road, reduces road user cost through improved road conditions, and prevents accidents caused by overloading.
WIM preliminary screens potential overload violators.
After preliminary screening, traffic lights directional signs directs trucks to bypass or go through a static scale.
Static Scale/Scale House – thoroughly weighs trucks. Authorities then issues violation tickets as necessary.
All the data obtained by truck weigh stations can also be used for surveys and statistics.

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