Road & Highway Products:
Our marketing team have been trying to introduce those products which is needs and demand of our country as well as facilitate to our customers and citizens for outstanding and prominent items to lead to our  customers and local consumer.


Rubber Humps  
Now we are proudly announce our new product Rainbow Rubber Speed Humps. After the long research of our endowed research team on speed breaking system has got to stage to let fly our product in local market, Rainbow Rubber speed humps do much more than protect drivers and their passengers.
Types of Rainbow Rubber Humps:
Road Hump, is the most common variety which are usually round topped. (all rubber humps available in reflective beads too on client desire)
Speed Table, is a type of hump with a central plateau which is both long and broad.
We strongly recommend you that used in residential areas to keep pedestrians and children safe from fast-moving vehicles.
Pedestrian Crossing, this type are preferred by some emergency services, bus operators at Coach/ Bus Stop, Hospitals as well as on the airports too.
  Road Studs  
The patented road stud system owned by Rainbow Developers was developed to fulfill the need for a high quality, long lasting road stud with the ability to withstand the harshest climate and traffic conditions. It has in a short time established an industry standard in durability, adaptability and cost-effectiveness.

Traffic safety is greatly enhanced by pavement markers. These studs with built in reflectors can be raised above the road surface (surface mount) or recessed into a groove on the road & highway. They dramatically improve the driver’s ability to see at night, especially in rain or fog.
Need not to operates it is automatic.

Offer sufficient light in poor light conditions and where there is no light system.
Prevent fatal accidents and serious injuries caused by hidden and hard-to-see center lines
These road studs are durable, strong and waterproof.
Use of natural solar energy is good for environmental conservation.

Make the most of driver's ability to plan through mysterious acne, or dangerous areas on the road and Minimizes road and highway accidents.
Cost effective, easy to install.
Rainbow Developer’s used beads in Plastic and Aluminium Road Stud and rainbow used especial plastic (ABS) that provide  high load resistance upto 20 ton.
Almost indestructible, made from aluminum alloy with compression resistance over 30 tons, can be used in centre line of heavy traffic road. Fixed into the road by an anti-twist anchor for extra stability. Resistant to corrosive effects of salt and grit. Special glass face protect acrylic reflector to prevent scratches. Unique vacuum plate under each RAINBOW Road reflector strengthens compression resistance of reflector itself and can still work normally after being partly damaged. Good reflectivity equal to diamond grade luminous. No fading in 3 year with high quality pigment of lens and special UV-coated treatment. Tested on all type of road reflectors independently certified on Internationally and national laboratories.
Cast from high-strength aluminum alloy, and upto 30 tons of compression; And UV resistant, anti-aging.

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