Bearing Pads;
Bridge bearings are devices for transferring loads and movements from the deck to the substructure and foundations. In highway bridge bearings movements are accommodated by the basic mechanisms of internal deformation (elastomeric), sliding (PTFE), or rolling.
A large variety of bearings have evolved using various combinations of these mechanisms. Elastomeric structural bearing pads are manufactured from premium quality natural rubber and chloroprene.
Bridge bearings are devices for transferring loads and movements from deck to piers.Rainbow Enterprise is importer and local manufacturer of Laminated Neoprene Bridge Bearings and Laminate Elastomeric Bearings, ptfe Teflon sliding bearings. We at Rainbow Enterprise, manufacture neoprene bridge bearings, elastomeric, pads, high damping rubber bearing, expansion joints, PTFE sliding bearing, sliding bearings to AASHTO specifications for the first time in the Pakistan.
The compounds comply with well-known international standards as MOPT, EN, BS, ASTM, AASHTO, etc. A range of hardness’s are available from 50 ShA to 70 shA to suit special applications.Usage of Bearing Pads; A bridge basically consists of bridge deck supported by piers. In order to avoid damage by movements of thermal expansion, vehicular movement, loading to piers, bridge bearings are used to accommodate these movements so as to reduce reaction forces and bending movement to within safety limits of structure. Neoprene as well as Natural Rubber is an ideal engineering material for bridge bearings as it is highly elastic and sufficiently soft to accommodate these movements without transmitting harmful stress and also it absorbs and isolates energy from impacts and vibrations.
Laminated elastomeric bearings, bridge bearings, bridge bearing pads high damping bearing pads are manufactured mostly in neoprene elastomeric compounds.
Types of Elastomeric bearing pad:
Rubber bearings;
Steel Bearing;



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